Soulstice is all about reaching for your furthest, highest point.


In Latin, solstice is made of two words: sol– meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand.”


"I have big dreams and goals that I want to accomplish for myself, but I feel like I lack the community around me to hold me accountable and push me towards the kind of success I want."

"​​It offers a safe environment to meet and connect with other women. I'm most excited about learning from other people's journeys and receiving the accountability I tend to give others. However, meeting new people makes me nervous, so I also accepted this invitation to do something that makes me a little uncomfortable!"

"I feel like 2020 was stolen from me because of COVID-19, and Soulstice is that shiny silver lining letting me know ... I still can control some aspects of my life"

'I struggle with sharing my goals with others. It seemed the perfect time to voice my goals to others, finally. This scares me a little - I tend to keep to myself as I work on myself. I want to get better at letting others in on my progress."

You were invited to
join because ...
  • You're an inspirational and ambitious goal-getter with big dreams and visions for your life

  • You're self-motivated but could use a little extra push now and then

  • You lean into accountability and keeping promises to yourself

  • You're looking for a community of supportive, badass people who will inspire you to get where you want to go

  • You're committed to being your best self and helping others be the same

  • You'd make an awesome accountabuddy*


Accountability buddy 



The person who checks in with you to help you reach your goals and, well, hold you accountable to them

Check out the Ultimate
Accountabuddy on social media

"Soulstice has been a godsend and I'm so grateful to be a part of it."

"This is an amazing support group!"

“I love the idea of relationship building and having a friend circle that understands your aspirations and takes time to support you through the highs/lows.”

"Joining the Soulstice shed light on strengths and weaknesses that I did not know I had.  Being a part of this sisterhood is very inspiring and motivating...I was encouraged to get off my ass and do what needs to be done."

“I was in many ways depressed with where I was and wanted a transformation. Joining Soulstice was better than doing what I was already doing. I'm glad I participated.“

  •  bought property or moved;

  • saved over $10,000 on average and made smart financial investments;

  • earned promotions, started new career opportunities, and negotiated raises and salaries;

  • applied to and started grad school; 

  • paid off student loans in full and significantly increased credit scores;

  • entered new, loving relationships and abandoned ones that no longer served them;

  • reconnected with distant family and friends;

  • found mentors and career coaches;

  • read and wrote twice as much as in previous years;

  • built brands, websites and consulting ventures;

  • went to therapy for the first time;

  • transformed their bodies, and made significant physical and mental progress;

  • stepped into leadership roles;

  • ran entrepreneurial ventures and even ran races;

  • practiced new languages;

  • nurtured long-standing relationships 

Soulstice Cycles start Jan. 21 & July 21. They last for 5 months.

Soulstice Cycles end on Summer Solstice (Jun. 21) and Winter Solstice (Dec. 21).

How to join Soulstice




Submit your request to join the next cycle on July 21, 2021

If your application is accepted you'll recieve an invitation for the next cycle

Once invited to officially join Soulstice you'll submit your goals & get started



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